We receive at least 1-2 enquiries each week from businesses outside the digital agency space, wondering if they can adapt a Funnel Pack to use in their business.

Our polite reply to each enquiry is that it's not possible. This is because the content is the proprietary part of every Funnel Pack. Without the professionally written content, there's little need to purchase it.

When we first launched Funnel Packs in April 2019, our intention was to offer Funnel Packs that cover client industries in the future.

The pandemic changed the way we were operating and thinking, meaning that we're less likely to do so.

We'll never say never, but there is a need to be realistic. If we were to create a Funnel Pack for another industry, we'd need at least 100 customers interested from that industry to make the time cost worthwhile.

So the answer to the question at the moment is - no.

We may offer custom marketing funnels in the future, which would be ideal for your clients. However, these will come at a much higher price as we're not able to sell them multiple times.