Having been asked this a few times, it's worth adding into our knowledgebase here.

Firstly, we're delighted that you're able to create your own marketing funnel. Genuinely - nothing makes me happier than talking to someone about marketing.

If you have the technical skills, copywriting skills and time to create your own marketing funnel - go for it. You can create something completely bespoke for your agency and benefit from it. Ultimately, our product isn't for you in this case.

Here's the kicker though. The one thing that most agency owners don't have enough of is time.

It's too easy to get stuck on busy work. You focus on everything to do with your clients, leaving your own marketing falling by the wayside.

At the time of writing this message, we have over 1,600 Funnel Packs customers. 

They didn't purchase from us because they don't have technical skills or they're bad at copywriting. Even the ones who say they "can't write" are still able to produce good content - I know because I read their blog articles from time to time.

The reason they chose Funnel Packs was because we offer a professionally written product that they can setup on their website in less than an hour.

We're taking the "time" issue out of the window.

You know you need to work on your marketing. You know you don't spend enough time on it. You know you're busy.

You know that and we know that. It's why we created Funnel Packs in the first place.

Funnel Packs have been created to get you generating leads in the shortest possible time. This allows you to focus on your clients and other tasks in your agency.

They're easy to edit, so you can customise everything to suit your brand and your audience.

Our goal is to help you improve your marketing and save you time. If you're able to do that already, then please accept this digital high five from me. You've earned it!