Once you've finished setting up your Funnel Pack, you'll want to test everything before you make it live.

An important part of your testing is to make sure your email automation is set up and working correctly.

Every Funnel Pack has a tutorial video that shows you how to set up the email sequence in an email marketing platform.

But what if you're having an issue? Here's some potential issues and fixes...

Subscribers not added to email platform

Are you finding that new subscribers are not in your email platform after signing up on your website?

If you are, then your issue is most likely to be between your website and your email marketing platform.

Double check any opt-in forms on your website as well as any API connection between your website and email marketing platform.

If you've properly set the connection, you should find your new subscribers are being added successfully.

It's worth ruling out with your email marketing platform that they aren't experiencing any issues too, although these are quite rare!

Emails aren't received

Are you finding that your emails aren't being sent out?

The first thing to check (and this sounds silly but it's easy to miss), is to make sure that your automation is turned on.

Your email marketing platform will have a toggle or option that allows you to set your automation to "on" or "active". If you forget to set this, the automation won't work and no emails will be received.

If that's set correctly, the next thing to look at is the entry point for your automation. Depending on your email provider, this will either be when someone has a tag added to their profile or they're added into a group.

Double check your settings here and make sure your new subscriber is added to the appropriate tag or group that you set up. If you're not sure what this means, you can re-watch the MailerLite automation tutorial for the Funnel Pack you've purchased.

If your emails still aren't being sent out, check that any individual emails are set to published and not draft. In some platforms, such as ConvertKit, any new emails are automatically set to draft until you specifically choose to publish them.