One of the most common purchasing paths for our customers is to start by purchasing one or two Funnel Packs.

Once they've made sure that the product is a good fit for their needs, they ask us if they can upgrade and further embrace the Funnel Packs adventure.

If you've purchased a single Funnel Pack or a couple of Funnel Packs, you're able to upgrade to our 5 Pack Offer or the Combo Offer. This also works in the same way for Sales Add-Ons.

We have a very simple process to help you upgrade your purchase.

All you need to do is send us over a message to, letting us know that you'd like to upgrade.

From there, we'll create a custom coupon for you, to the value of your initial purchase. 

You can then use your coupon on the 5 Pack Offer (or alternate upgrade), reducing the price and allowing you to upgrade and get more shiny new Funnel Packs.