The simple answer is yes - you can indeed set up a Funnel Pack in less than an hour.

If you follow through with our video tutorials and use one of the quick start options, you can set up your brand new marketing funnel in under an hour.

There's an unofficial record in our customer Facebook group of 24 and 27 minutes respectively from Lorraine & Kyle. But we don't recommend trying to beat this.

To set up your brand new Funnel Pack you need two things:

  • Your website
  • Email marketing platform of your choice (e.g. ConvertKit, MailerLite, Active Campaign etc)

The process of setting up a Funnel Pack will involve you adding a couple of pages to your website, configuring some options, setting up the automation in your email platform and testing.

If you want to go deeper with customising your new Funnel Pack to suit your brand, offer and audience, this will obviously take a little longer. That's the choice you have when you use our professionally written content in your business.